• Zoë Komarin's Fried Eggs in ARDOR with a Summer Salad and Labneh

Zoë Komarin's Fried Eggs in ARDOR with a Summer Salad and Labneh

Recipe by: Zoë Komarin
Servings: 2

September's BrightRx is dedicated to revamping lunches at home. After several months of cooking for ourselves, we on Team Brightland have hit a bit of a lunch rut. In honor of back to school season, we are featuring delightful lunch recipes to bring some joy back into your daily routines.

Chef Zoë Komarin of ZoeFoodParty has shared a fun, fresh recipe for Fried Eggs in ARDOR with a Summer Salad and Labneh that can be tucked into a fluffy pita sandwich or served as a salad, and it is certain to spice up your lunches. Prior to the pandemic, she hosted a pop-up pita party in Highland Park every Wednesday, bringing the community together for pita sandwiches.

Pictured: brightland olive oil poured over salad

For the Eggs & Shmear


  • 2 eggs
  • 1-2 tbsp Brightland ARDOR chili olive oil
  • Salt
  • 2-3 tbsp labneh (you could use any cheese or thick yoghurt, if you don’t do dairy you could use some tahina or really any shmear you love - or omit it completely!)


  • 1 Start by placing all of your prepped salad ingredients in a medium bowl and get them dressed in ALIVE olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. (I like to have my vegetables hang out in the olive oil and salt while I fry the eggs so that the flavors begin melting with the oil and the salt has a chance to do its magic).
  • 2 Next, heat a frying pan or cast iron pan to medium-high heat. Add in your ARDOR chili oil and carefully crack your eggs in the pan. You want a nice sizzle going for those spicy crispy edges. Feel free to also baste the whites of the egg in the chili oil by tilting the pan at an angle and collecting the oil in your spoon before dousing the whites in it. Salt the eggs according to your taste and cook according to your liking (I like a gooey runny yolk here so I cook mine for 2-3 minutes tops - but you do you!)
  • 3 If you are making a pita sandwich, warm your bread, cut off the top to make an opening, and using a spoon go ahead and generously shmear your pita with labneh.
  • 4 Add some salad to the pita (filling it nearly halfway) and then gently tuck your fried egg inside. Top with more salad till it’s peaking out the top and ka-blam! A breakfast sandwich is served.
  • 5 *If plating as a salad go ahead and pile your salad into your favorite low bowl, top with your fried egg and a big dollop of labneh - you cannot go wrong here, either way, I promise.

*Can be eaten tucked into a pita sandwich OR as a salad...whatever floats your boat! Feel free to mix and match ingredients here according to your liking or whatever you have in your fridge.