Sets & Capsules

Experience Brightland's exceptionally fresh, flavorful ingredients with variety sets curated for vibrant, dynamic kitchens. Always thoughtfully sourced from family-run US farms and makers.

The Summer BBQ Capsule

Spice blend + extra virgin olive oil + balsamic vinegar + grill tongs

Everything you need for a flavorful and elevated cookout: TERRAIN, our signature spice blend; AWAKE extra virgin olive oil; RAPTURE blackberry Balsamic vinegar; and 16” bronze grill tongs.


The Mini Essentials

Extra virgin olive oil + champagne & balsamic vinegar

AWAKE, ALIVE, RAPTURE and PARASOL in petite, easy-to-share sizes.

The Essential Capsule

Extra virgin olive oil + champagne & balsamic vinegars

The Essential Capsule includes our signature extra virgin olive oil Duo and fruit-infused vinegar Pair made on small family farms in California.

A $118 Value

The Luminous Capsule

Extra virgin olive oil + champagne vinegar + orange blossom honey

The Luminous Capsule highlights sunny orange flavors with AWAKE olive oil, PARASOL citrus-infused Champagne vinegar, and California Orange Blossom Honey.

The Artist Capsule

Lemon, chili, basil, and garlic-infused olive oils

Set of all four infused olive oils: LUCID lemon, ARDOR chili, ARISE basil, and ROSETTE garlic, with special artist-designed labels.

A $160 Value

The Golden State Capsule

Our complete set of olive oil and vinegar

The Golden State Capsule contains all of Brightland’s signature olive oils and vinegars: AWAKE, ALIVE, ARDOR chili, ROSETTE garlic, LUCID lemon, and ARISE basil infused olive oils, PARASOL and RAPTURE vinegars, plus The Spout.

A $287 Value