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Experience Brightland's exceptionally fresh, flavorful ingredients with variety sets curated for vibrant, dynamic kitchens. Always thoughtfully sourced from family-run US farms and makers.

The Mini Essentials

Extra virgin olive oil + champagne & balsamic vinegar

AWAKE, ALIVE, RAPTURE and PARASOL in petite, easy-to-share sizes.

The Essential Capsule

Extra virgin olive oil + champagne & balsamic vinegars

The Essential Capsule includes our signature extra virgin olive oil Duo and fruit-infused vinegar Pair made on small family farms in California.

A $118 Value
The Luminous Capsule

Extra virgin olive oil + champagne vinegar + orange blossom honey

The Luminous Capsule highlights sunny orange flavors with AWAKE olive oil, PARASOL citrus-infused Champagne vinegar, and California Orange Blossom Honey.

The Artist Capsule

Lemon, chili, basil, and garlic-infused olive oils

Set of all four infused olive oils: LUCID lemon, ARDOR chili, ARISE basil, and ROSETTE garlic, with special artist-designed labels.

A $160 Value
The Golden State Capsule

Our complete set of olive oil and vinegar

The Golden State Capsule contains all of Brightland’s signature olive oils and vinegars: AWAKE, ALIVE, ARDOR chili, ROSETTE garlic, LUCID lemon, and ARISE basil infused olive oils, PARASOL and RAPTURE vinegars, plus The Spout.

A $287 Value
The Foolproof Salad Dressing Bundle

Extra virgin olive oil + champagne vinegar

The Foolproof Salad Dressing Bundle includes our ALIVE olive oil, PARASOL champagne vinegar, The Mini Whisk and The Spout. This capsule features the essentials for dressing fresh produce with ease — the new gold standard for salads.

A $78 Value
The Duo

Extra virgin olive oil

Our two bestselling extra virgin olive oils, paired together to balance and round out your kitchen.

Best Seller
The Pair

Champagne & balsamic vinegars

Double-fermented RAPTURE Balsamic vinegar infused with Triple Crown blackberries and PARASOL Champagne vinegar infused with Navel and Valencia oranges.

The Couplet

Orange blossom & wildflower honey

California Orange Blossom Honey and Kauai Wildflower Honey made from bees that forage on wildflowers and exotic botanical sources.

The Mini Artist Series

Petite bottles of chili, garlic, lemon and basil-infused olive oils

ARDOR, ROSETTE, LUCID and ARISE in petite, easy-to-share sizes.

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