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The Cartorialist Holiday 2019 Duo



Introducing the perfect holiday 2019 gift: The Cartorialist Holiday 2019 DUO. 

Featuring Brightland's AWAKE and ALIVE 2019 harvest blends, The Holiday DUO spotlights two Limited-Edition holiday labels designed with the LA-based artist Carly Kuhn, otherwise known as The Cartorialist. 

The Cartorialist, who has also collaborated with Dior, Oscar De La Renta, Capitol Records, Prada, Glossier, and Elle, said:  “I really wanted to capture the essence of how it feels to be AWAKE and ALIVE through my sketches. I drew the faces directly onto the bottles to truly capture the beautiful form and feeling. I worked with the primary colors on the original Brightland DUO labels, tomato and blueberry, to create pieces inspired by the simplicity of the olive oil, flavors, how it’s made, and what it can do.”

The Holiday DUO also includes an exclusive card designed for Brightland by The Cartorialist. 

The Holiday 2019 DUO elevates cooking during a time of year where memories are built in the kitchen, and the packaging and art evoke mood and intention, making the bottles perfect to display, collect, re-use, and gift.

Paired together to balance and round out your kitchen, Brightland’s AWAKE is made for slow days and cozy nights, while ALIVE is made for fare that fuels active days. AWAKE and ALIVE are lovingly made in the golden state of California with hand-picked heirloom olives and harvested early by a master miller onsite in a certified organic mill.     

AWAKE and ALIVE come in 375 ML/12.7 fl oz glass bottles that have been UV-coated to protect the olive oil from damaging light.  

Harvest: November 2019


A native New Yorker, The Cartorialist, is a serious artist who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her work is often lighthearted and minimal, turning the subtle and ordinary into the alluring and evocative. Carly’s work encourages us to look differently at what’s around us and to take notice. It’s a style and sensibility that marries the realness of New York with the ease of California, an aesthetic that informs her life and everything she touches. Carly has collaborated with brands including Dior, Oscar De La Renta, Capitol Records, Prada, Glossier, and Elle.

Enjoy AWAKE with: Homemade soups and stews, hearty pastas, warm bread, baked potatoes, roast chicken, roasted veggies, fried eggs and crispy potatoes.

Enjoy ALIVE with:​ Spinach and arugula salads, kale and greens, dressings and marinades, hummus, baked goods and drizzled on sorbet or chocolate.

Feel good about: With a high polyphenol count, this extra virgin olive oil is loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory properties like oleocanthal; you’ll be boosting your well-being with every bite.

Treat your skin: Our oils can be used as a luxurious and natural beauty treatment. Use on your face and body for supple, glowing skin, or add a few drops to your hair for shine. We like mixing it with a bit of sugar for a homemade lip scrub.

Remember: With a smoke point of 410 degrees, there’s no need to shy away from the heat required of certain dishes​. A sharper, zesty taste and flavor profile means higher polyphenols, delivering more antioxidants for a healthier mind and body.

Health Benefits

Good Fats

Olive oil is energizing, brain powering, nervous system supporting, beautifying, and immunity building. Extra virgin olive oil is also a great way to deliver fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients while cleansing us of fat-soluble toxins.


Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, some of which have powerful biological effects.

Beauty Food

Promote glowing skin, eyes and hair, stimulating cellular restoration, preservation and longevity.