For Body, Heart and Soul: 4 Incredible Benefits of Brightland for the mind

The Brightland team has curated a slew of research around some surprising benefits of extra virgin olive oil and we are jazzed to share a few in the first edition of a new series, For Body, Heart and Soul.

Pictured: the duo

First up, we are featuring the MIND:

1. The brain requires fatty acids on a daily basis to perform tasks, think clearly, and regulate moods.

2. Extra virgin olive oil is full of various fatty acids, making it a superfood for the mind. Extra virgin olive oil has also been identified as a specific ingredient that helps protect against cognitive decline.

3. By consuming extra virgin olive oil, memory and learning abilities are protected over time. A recent study showed that extra virgin olive oil has been associated with the diminished occurrence of Alzheimer's disease. Including it in a diet strengthens working memory and spatial learning.

4. A diet rich in extra virgin olive oil can also protect from various mental illnesses. Researchers have discovered that a higher intake of extra virgin olive oil is associated with lower risk for depression.