What's on your kitchen shelfie?

What's on your kitchen shelfie?

A kitchen shelf says so much about someone. Is it clean and minimal, with only the necessities? Is it vibrant and cluttered, filled with odds and ends? We absolutely love asking what people keep on their "kitchen shelfie," read below for some wonderful answers!



I absolutely love a clean and minimal countertop. Like an empty canvas it invites exploration. A simple bowl of fresh produce and a vase of vibrant florals is enough for me!

- Tara Thomas, chef, restaurant consultant, food editor, and culinary artist



My kitchen shelfie has Bellocq tea, A teapot from Japan gifted to me by my sister, My favorite cookbooks: Indian-ish, The First Mess Cookbook, and The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, and Brightland AWAKE and ALIVE.

- Aishwarya Iyer, founder and CEO of Brightland



Is it too obvious to say olive oil? I always have a few bottles on my countertop--for cooking and for finishing (hello, Brightland!). Other staples include (lots of) garlic, lemons, at least one tin of anchovies, and a huge jar of Calabrian chili peppers. I’m nuts for anything spicy; my husband got me the 1kg jar a couple of months ago, and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m already scraping the bottom!

- Meryl Feinstein, chef, pastaia, and founder of Pasta Social Club



My Instant Pot because I use it nearly every day for batch cooking - beans, lentils, grains, veggies. And my electric tea kettle because I love tea (I have too much energy to drink coffee)! And of course extra virgin olive oil. Also kosher salt for everything, apple cider vinegar for warm water first thing in the morning, and a vegan furikake blend that I put on nearly every savory food.

- Nisha Vora, vegan chef, cookbook author, and founder of Rainbow Plant Life



My kitchen is pretty minimalistic, but I like that it’s uncluttered. After years of living in teeny-tiny New York City apartments with even teeny-tinier kitchens, it feels so nice to have space! As for what’s on the countertop, there’s a wooden bowl that’s always stocked with lemons and garlic, a fancy-ish coffee grinder (because my boyfriend is a coffee nerd), a marble salt cellar filled with kosher salt, a peppermill, a couple of cutting boards, a cheese board, a small selection of cookbooks, and my tangerine KitchenAid mixer. Truth be told, I don’t use the mixer very often, but it has a nostalgia factor for me—and I love the way it looks.

- Karen Palmer, food writer and founder of Pain Pizza




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