Tips for a Cozy Night In

Tips for a Cozy Night In

On team Brightland, we are always excited for a relaxing night curled on the couch - often completed with a sweet treat of some sort. In the spirit of nourishing the body, heart, and soul, we are sharing tips for a cozy evening at home.


1. Cook a vibrant, nourishing meal.

We love to nourish ourselves with fresh, seasonal produce and flavorful dishes, such as this Moroccan Spiced Sheet Pan Dinner. This plant-powered meal comes together quickly and can be enjoyed on its own or paired with additional protein for an easy dinner.

Pictured: Moroccan Spiced Sheet Pan Dinner


2. Light a candle after dinner.

Lighting a candle after dinner is a simple step to ease into the evening and create a peaceful, calming ambiance. Brightland’s new kitchen candle, DIGESTIF, is made with Brightland olive oil, California soy, and notes of neroli, vetiver and black pepper, and designed to burn during or after cooking. We like to think of it as a digestif for your kitchen.

Pictured: Brightland’s new kitchen candle, DIGESTIF


3. Take time for a face mask.

An easy act of self care is making time for a face mask. In only 20 minutes, you can feel refreshed and grounded.

Pictured: Face mask


4. Take a night off social media to pursue analog moments.

As little as one night off your phone can be hugely restorative. Take the night to start the book that’s been on your reading list for weeks.

Pictured: books