5 Reasons Craft Olive Oil Makes the Perfect Gift

1. They’ll actually use it 

Ever spot your gift gathering dust years later? Olive oil is a staple in any pantry, so you can be sure your recipient will actually make use of your gift. The best part: it doesn’t take a seasoned chef to appreciate a bottle of Brightland. One of the best ways to enjoy it is also the simplest, and involves just a crusty loaf of bread, a pinch of salt (or a spice blend) and a dish to dip in. 

2. No more guessing games

A bottle of wine can be a great default gift - but what if your recipient doesn’t really drink? Or they prefer red, not white? The same goes for most food gifts: dietary restrictions are a minefield to navigate considerately, and there’s nothing worse than giving someone a gift they are allergic to. Good olive oil is an excellent sober-friendly, gluten-free, nut-free, plant-based gift that delights vegans and meat-lovers alike. 

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3. Gift-ready, functional packaging

Brightland’s bottles are beautifully functional—not only are they stunning right out of the box (no gift wrap required), but they are designed to be displayed. Because extra virgin olive oil’s antioxidants and flavors degrade with exposure to light, our bottles have a UV-protected coating, so they’re safe to leave out for all to see. Artist-designed labels bring a pop of color to countertops and open shelving, and some customers even upcycle empty Brightland bottles into flower vases

4. It’ll change how they think about everyday ingredients

We hear all the time that people have no idea the difference that “good olive oil” can actually make in the flavor of a dish. With the world of olive oil as expansive and (at times) intimidating as it is, many people never venture beyond the green plastic bottles found on grocery store shelves. Even worse, some invest in a bottle of what they were told was “good”, but didn’t end up getting what they paid for. With Brightland, you can be sure that they’ll taste the difference.

5. Treat them to an everyday luxury 

When choosing a gift for loved ones, we want to spoil them. The real value of a gift lies in how it helps them enjoy their lives a little more, care for themselves without guilt, and put themselves first, even if for a brief moment each day. Stocking their pantry with Brightland is like giving them permission to indulge in a little something special every day.

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