Team Brightland's Tips for Entertaining

To help you prepare for all of summer’s parties, we put together some of our team’s best tips and tricks to keep a gathering running smoothly - and deliciously.

At Brightland, nothing brings us more joy than entertaining friends and family, and we’ve thrown many dinner parties (and learned a lot in the process).

Pictured: awake


“Set aside serving platters or plates and utensils a day or two before the big day so you aren’t scrambling to find space for each dish the day-of. A post-it note is a great way to label what’s what!”
- Grace, Marketing

“Make a few playlists before the party: that way, you can switch up the mood at a moments notice.”
- Abby, Marketing

“Set your tablescape the night before so you're not trying to cut flowers and grill at the same time.”
- Hannah, Operations

“Batch drinks in advance so they stay colder longer and are easy to serve - I love white wine sangria specifically. You can make it up to 48 hours in advance and the longer the fruit sits in the booze, the more it enhances the flavor of the sangria.”
- Liza, Operations

“For a dessert that looks more impressive than it is (and can be made a day in advance), layer store bought pound cake, whipped cream and cut berries in a clear glass bowl to make an impressive-looking trifle to feed a crowd.”
- Melissa, Marketing

Pictured: Olive oil being poured over salad, featuring Brightland's ardor


“Place Brightland’s infused olive oils table side - the bottles make a gorgeous centerpiece and will allow guests to drizzle chili or garlic olive oil as they please on anything from bread to grilled meats.”
- Nora M., Marketing

“A few hours before guests arrive, place your salad dressing in the bottom of your serving bowl/container and then add greens and toppings. When you are ready to eat all you need to do is give it a toss-- no soggy greens or extra containers necessary!”
- Nora H., Operations

“No party is complete without two simple things: fresh cut flowers and both sparkling and still water set out in carafes. That way guests don’t need to ask for a glass.”
- Braden, Operations

“The day of, have an assortment of drinks on ice in a cooler so everyone can help themselves — from beer to wine (don’t forget a few nonalcoholic options, too).”
- Alisha, Operations

"Set up yard games! Badminton racquets, croquet, bocce, or giant Jenga are all great options and it’s a fun way to get guests mingling.”
- Aishwarya, Founder/CEO

Photo credit: Top photo, Mayter Scott