• Quick Cherry Tomato Confit on Miso Butter Sourdough
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Quick Cherry Tomato Confit on Miso Butter Sourdough

Recipe by: Tara Thomas

November's BrightRx is focused on restaurant-worthy meals that you can make at home. Many of us are no longer able to enjoy restaurants in the way we used to, so we are bringing ambitious, elevated meals to your kitchen. Chef Tara Thomas has shared a Quick Cherry Tomato Confit on Miso Butter Sourdough recipe with us, so you can make a restaurant-level toast for yourself.

Tara Thomas is a New York-based restaurant consultant and chef, who garners her food creativity and palate from her extensive travels. She is also the executive chef at Sincerely Tommy Eat & Stay, a restaurant and boutique hostel coming soon to Brooklyn.


"I was inspired by a balcony in Oslo where all the herbs were cultivated. I guess it was my lost ode to summer and spending it in the garden!" - Tara Thomas.


  • 1 Preheat your oven to 350 F, and while the oven is preheating prepare the confit. In a casserole/baking dish scatter the cherry tomatoes. Pour ½ cup of Brightland ALIVE olive oil and 1 tbsp of a fruity white vinegar (I love Brightland's PARASOL) over the tomatoes. This is the base of the quick confit, feel free to flavor it in anyway that that is accessible to you. I utilized fresh basil and tomato leaves to bring earthy sweet notes, any aromatics like garlic or herbs are fitting.
  • 2 Once the oven is hot, place the dish in uncovered. The fruit will soften in the presence of the oil and caramelize with the vinegar element that brings the sugars in the tomato to life while aromatics characterize it to your abundance. After about 20 minutes the tomatoes should have become blistered and perhaps bursted. Remove and allow it to cool for about 2 minutes.
  • 3 Pair with an umami miso butter on sourdough. It’s simple, I spread a bit of miso on a slice of sourdough bread, then smear a nice amount of butter. I like to spoon the tomato confit on top with all the bits.