• Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Recipe by: Noreen Wasti
Servings: 2

Usher in cooler days with this cozy new one-pot dinner recipe from our Chef in Residence, Noreen Wasti.

"These lamb shanks are everything I want to eat on a crisp blustery day. They are comforting, glazed, tender, and best of all require very little active cooking. After searing the shanks, add some spices and aromatics, and just let them cook low and slow while you go about your day. This recipe uses three incredible Brightland products - AURORA rosemary olive oil for a peppery herbaceous note which goes so well with lamb, RAPTURE balsamic vinegar for acidity, and Kauai wildflower honey for golden sweetness. Comfort food season has arrived!" - Noreen Wasti




  • 1 Season the lamb shanks generously all over with salt and pepper.
  • 2 Heat a large, deep pot over medium-high heat with AURORA rosemary olive oil and sear the lamb shanks until browned and golden on all sides, about 3-4 minutes per side. Remove and set aside.
  • 3 To the same pot add the shallots, garlic, and lemon, sauté for 5-7 minutes until translucent.
  • 4 Add the coriander, fennel seeds, cinnamon, turmeric, bay leaf, tomato paste, and season well with salt & pepper. Stir and let cook for 1 minute.
  • 5 Add the broth, balsamic vinegar, and honey. Stir and add the lamb shanks back into the pot with the rosemary.
  • 6 Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer at medium low and cover. Stir and toss the shanks in the liquid every 30 minutes or so to make sure they stay moist. Let the shanks cook for 3 hours until very tender. The broth will reduce into a dark, thick glossy glaze that coats the lamb perfectly.
  • 7 Taste for seasoning and garnish with thinly sliced radishes and fresh parsley before serving. Enjoy immediately!