How Lauren Kleinman is Celebrating Mother’s Day

We recently visited Lauren Kleinman, founder of Dreamday and co-founder of The Quality Edit, at her bright, sunny home in California to chat over some delectable olive oil cake with her two adorable children.

How Lauren Kleinman is Celebrating Mother’s Day

How do you describe what you do?
Dreamday is the most in-demand Performance PR agency for DTC darling brands. We’re the first agency to marry affiliate marketing with PR (giving a 360 view of press performance and how it impacts the bottom line for the company), pioneering the future of PR.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year?
I hope to spend the day with my mother and grandmother, and my husband and kids. We usually go out to a nice brunch and might spend the rest of the day poolside! A massage added in at any point would be my perfect day!


What dishes are on your list for a weekend brunch at home?
My husband makes the best chocolate chip old-fashion pancakes every Saturday with our kids, so those are a non-negotiable. I’m a huge breakfast and brunch person, and love bagels, eggs (frittata, scrambled or quiche!), fruit and granola. I also love a great spring salad.

Is there a recipe you associate with your mother?
My mom is known for her Spinach Spanakopita. She now makes it with my kids; it’s such a fun dish to make with all of the layers of phyllo! My husband really enjoys it too; it’s a dish that we otherwise wouldn’t eat often, and that always makes me think of her.

Where do you get cooking inspiration?
I’m a beginner chef but regularly buy fancy cookbooks and try to teach myself whenever I can carve out the time. I’m loving the Missoni Family Cookbook and Molly Baz’s Cook This Book at the moment. I do love so many of Brightland’s recipes as well; the Baby Kale Salad or beautiful Hasselback Sweet Potato recipe are favorites.