• Scallop Crudo with Peaches & Lime-Marinated Shallots
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Scallop Crudo with Peaches & Lime-Marinated Shallots

Recipe by: Noreen Wasti
Servings: 2 as a main, 4 as an appetizer

Our Chef in Residence, Noreen Wasti, has created the perfect no-cook dish to impress this summer. While crudo at home might sound daunting, don't worry — Noreen also shared tips for sourcing and preparing raw fish.

"It’s a little too hot these days to turn on the stove so I’m pivoting to all things cold. Crudo is definitely one of my most favorite things to eat on a hot day and contrary to its restaurant-only reputation, I promise that you can easily make it at home.

This scallop crudo dish has a few distinct and delicious flavor pockets — lime marinated shallots and summer peaches bring acidity and bite, ARDOR adds a much needed kick of fiery heat, cilantro for herbaceousness, and of course textural flaky salt to season it all up. The delicate scallops cling onto the spice and brightness, it’s a dish that feels like summer and is so impressive to serve to guests (without spending two hours in the kitchen).

When shopping for scallops, look for dry scallops, which have no chemical additives. Go to your local fish shop for the freshest catch, this will ensure a spectacular result." - Noreen Wasti


  • 1 medium shallot, very thinly sliced
  • juice of 1 lime*
  • 10 fresh large sea scallops
  • 1 peach, pitted and thinly sliced
  • Brightland ARDOR chili olive oil
  • flaky salt
  • fresh cilantro leaves, to garnish
*Note: Use an additional lime if required to cover the shallots in lime juice.


  • 1 Combine the sliced shallot, lime juice, and a generous pinch of flaky salt in a small bowl. Set aside to marinate while you prep the scallops.
  • 2 Remove the side muscle, if any, from the scallops and rinse under cold water. Pat dry.
  • 3 Use a sharp knife to carefully slice the scallops horizontally into coin shaped rounds. You should get about 3-4 per scallop.
  • 4 To assemble, layer the scallop coins and peach slices onto a large serving platter. Spoon the lime marinated shallots with the juice on top.
  • 5 Generously drizzle ARDOR olive oil over the scallop crudo and season liberally with flaky salt.
  • 6 Garnish with fresh cilantro leaves. Enjoy immediately!