• Simple Oven Baked French Fries
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Simple Oven Baked French Fries

Recipe by: Lilian Martinez

February marks the launch of our newest member of the Brightland family, ROSETTE, a Garlic Olive Oil with a label designed by California-based multimedia artist Lilian Martinez. To celebrate the launch, we have a special edition of BrightRx this month to show how to cook with ROSETTE. Lilian Martinez, also known as BFGF, has shared with us a delightfully simple oven baked french fry recipe with ROSETTE and parsley.

"I wanted to share something really simple with minimal ingredients. A casual treat with minimal dishes and clean up."



  • 1 Preheat oven to 445 degrees.
  • 2 Peel and cut potatoes into fries.
  • 3 Rinse cut potatoes and soak in water while the oven preheats. This helps remove some starch.
  • 4 Drain water and in the same bowl add the olive oil and some salt to taste.
  • 5 Toss in the bowl or massage with hands.
  • 6 Place the fries in a flat oven safe dish. I used parchment paper for easier clean up.
  • 7 Cook for 35-45 minutes. Cook time depends on how thin or thick your fries are.
  • 8 I stirred the fries midway at 20 mins into cooking.
  • 9 Plate and sprinkle with dried parsley.
  • 10 Enjoy with a glass of wine or a sparkling water while watching your favorite show or movie :*)