On Brightland’s Bookshelf

Welcome to our new editorial series, On Brightland’s Bookshelf. This monthly series will focus on what interesting people we admire are reading right now. We could all use a reminder to pursue some screen-free time, and reading is one of our favorite analog activities. We cannot think of a better way to start off our new series than featuring the current reads of the wonderful artists who have designed special labels for Brightland's Artist Capsule flavored oils.

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B.D. Graft

Amsterdam-based artist B.D. Graft collaborated with us on LUCID's lemon olive oil label, influenced by Matisse's cutouts and the pleasure derived from a wonderful meal.

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Murakami is the master of transporting you to weird, fascinating worlds. Perfect escapism, especially during these turbulent times.”

Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul

I'm currently trying to combine my love for art and writing by writing and illustrating a picture book for kids. It's a lot more challenging than one might initially think, and this book makes it so much easier.”

Navigating The Art World - Professional Practice For The Early Career Artist, published by Delphian Gallery

The art world can be a strange, daunting place, especially for early career artists. That's why I recently ordered this book and can't wait to read it – I'm sure I'll learn a lot from it.”

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Peter Som

Peter Som is a renowned fashion designer, chef extraordinaire, and the artist behind our ARISE basil olive oil label.

Soul Food by Adrian Miller

“I love food writing-- Adrian Miller’s book is so much more than that because it’s a powerful history lesson that shows the inextricable connection between US history, food and culture. It’s truly an eye-opener.”

Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan

“As a HUGE fan of the Crazy Rich Asians series, Kevin Kwan’s newest book is the ultimate summer read. So much of the glittering tale takes place in Capri—it’s almost the next best thing to being there in person!”

Dinner in French by Melissa Clark

“I love Paris! Until I can get on a plane and step foot in the City of Lights, I’ll cook Melissa’s recipes to get a taste of la vie Parisienne.”

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Marleigh Culver

Marleigh Culver is a New York-based artist inspired by Color Field Painting and Post-Painterly Abstraction, and she collaborated with us on our ARDOR label design.

Ordinary People by Diana Evans

"I get a lot of book recommendations from The High Low, which is where I found out about Ordinary People. Growing up in the suburbs watching soap operas, I just love storylines of people and relationships and how they intertwine. I was also drawn to Ordinary People since I love Zadie Smith, and wanted to expand my reading to include other Black writers."

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

"Relationships are nuanced and the pain and beauty in them will always be a favorite subject. This leads me to The Dutch House, focusing on a brother-sister relationship. I really loved Patchett's book, Commonwealth, and the story of the families, so was excited for this book's release last year."

Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry

"Finance has been something strongly on my mind the last few years. Ever since moving to New York and navigating life here socially and dealing with freelance ups and downs, I want to be as informed as possible when it comes to creating a stable base for myself and future family."

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Carly Kuhn

A native New Yorker and former producer on the Chelsea Lately Show, Carly Kuhn, The Cartorialist, is a serious artist who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her work is often lighthearted and minimal, turning the subtle and ordinary into the alluring and evocative. We partnered with her to create our very special Holiday DUO labels last year.

Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

"I tend to gravitate towards books that are more "slice of life" genres (like Conversations with Friends), rather than plot heavy...almost like indie romance films. I like to escape into a world, usually that takes place in another country or lavish settings. It's similar to how I seek inspiration for my art."

The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair

"Next, I plan to read an assortment of art & design related ."

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

" recommended to me by a very well read friend."