Paint with Flavor

The Artist Capsule

Fresh, buttery California olive oil, infused with flavors key to any home cook's pantry. Bottled for freshness, with special edition labels to celebrate the merging of art and food, and guaranteed to inspire countless kitchen creations.

The Artist Capsule A $160 Value

The Artist Capsule

Set of all four infused olive oils: Lucid Lemon, Ardor Chili, Arise Basil, and Rosette Garlic, with special artist-designed labels.

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  • "I tried the garlic infused evoo and fell in love, leading me to try the basil infused evoo which is also special! I must say it has certainly gotten me excited about preparing meals again."


    Purchased: The Artist Capsule

  • "Amazing...this is olive oil???? I never knew how good olive oil would taste. I tried the garlic and am now on the basil, lemon is next."


    Purchased: The Artist Capsule

  • "I have nothing left to say. Right before I run out of them. I always reorder. Love Ardor. The chili flavored oil is used everyday on something. Love the garlic flavor of Rosette."

    Dana H.

    Purchased: The Artist Capsule

  • "I keep my Brightland Garlic olive oil right by the table so it's handy whenever I want it. On meat, veggies, salad, or to mix with juices left on the plate for my last bites of bread!"

    J E.

    Purchased: Rosette

  • "We're obsessed with our Brightland olive oils! We look for every opportunity to use our olive oil, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We're completely addicted!"

    Nicole C.

    Purchased: The Artist Capsule

It's all in the olive

We partner with family-run California farms that select olive varietals for flavor. Our infused olive oils start with Frantoio olives, known for producing incredibly fruity, aromatic oil. The olives are harvested early and pressed within 90 minutes for peak freshness and flavor.


Bottled for freshness

We only sell oil from the most recent harvest, and never mix older oils in (a cost-cutting practice common in the industry). We bottle in glass, not plastic, to protect the oil from exposure to air and keep it fresh.

Each bottle is UV-coated to protect the antioxidant-rich oil inside from light damage, and labeled with a Harvest Date—so you can know you have the freshest oil possible.


No transatlantic journeys

Working with local California farmers means supporting our community, transparent supply chains, and fresher, more flavorful oil. Unlike imported olive oils with weekslong overseas journeys, our oils are pressed just hours from our warehouse, where they're shipped fresh to your door.


Treat yourself to even more flavor.

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